How to Dress Appropriately for an Interview

Your attire has a role to play in how successful you will be throughout your interview. When your dressed in the appropriate attire, you present yourself to the employer as a candidate who should be taking very seriously. Even if you are aware that the company has a casual dress code, you should always dress […]

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

You’ve finally landed an interview for that dream job. Although you’ve gotten your foot in the door, it’s just the first step. Gearing up to ace that interview is the next step. Today, interviewers don’t just look for candidates who have the skills and credentials; they want applicants who truly want the job. Enthusiasm goes […]

Are You Eligible For the Access to Work Program?

Access to Work is a grant program that provides funds to help unemployed workers with a physical or mental disability get back into the workforce, keep that job or start their own business. Available in England, Wales and Scotland, Access to Work grants will not affect any other monetary assistance you may be receiving and […]

4 Interview Mistakes You Might Be Making

The interview is one of the most crucial points of the job search process, so you want to get it right. Making even one little mistake can cost you the job. Here are four interview mistakes you might be making. Criticising a Former Employer Even if you really didn’t like a former employer, you should […]