The Top UK Job Sectors Set to Experience Pay Increases in 2017

While fulfillment and genuinely enjoying your job should be major factors in your career choice, it’s understandable that many people are looking for jobs with rising pay rates. That’s just what you’ll find in these sectors in the UK going forward: Information Technology With computers and technology continuing to advance with blazing speed, it’s no […]

Great Paying Jobs That You Can Do From Bed

Lying on one’s bed is often associated with laziness or the lack of a desire to work. However, some amazing jobs are available, and people can do them from in bed if they so desire. The following are three of those jobs: Freelance Writing Freelance writing or copywriting is one of those jobs that one […]

Post-Brexit Job Markets: The Winners and the Losers

Brexit is an important factor to consider when deciding what career to pursue. Following is an overview of industries that are expected to do well post-Brexit along with a list of industries that are expected to see a loss of employment both now and for the foreseeable future. The Winners Service sectors and retailers are […]

Volunteering Can Improve Your CV

Looking to give your CV a quick boost without committing to a new degree program or full-time job? Consider getting involved in a volunteer program. Many recruiters and employers look favorably upon job candidates with extensive volunteer experience — especially if those candidates otherwise lack job experience. Detailed below are a few simple ways volunteering […]