Tips on Learning from Constructive Criticism

Nobody likes criticism. Who wants to hear they did something wrong? It can be easy to take criticism personally and think it means you failed. Instead of equating criticism to failure, think of it as a learning experience. With constructive criticism, there are positives mixed in with the negatives so it doesn’t feel quite as […]

What to Do When Your Company Goes Under

It happens more and more often in today’s growing but still shaky economy: a business opens, flourishes for a few years, experiences a sharp decline in sales, and then shutters its doors. While it’s easy to feel sympathetic if your favourite café or clothing store goes out of business, what if the company closing its […]

The Best Jobs for Short Attention Spans

Many people in the world have attention spans that are so short that they lose focus in less than 10 seconds. Such people still need to work. They can probably find  a great deal of success in jobs that involve quick tasks that change quite a bit. The following are examples of such jobs: Office […]

The Top UK Job Sectors Set to Experience Pay Increases in 2017

While fulfillment and genuinely enjoying your job should be major factors in your career choice, it’s understandable that many people are looking for jobs with rising pay rates. That’s just what you’ll find in these sectors in the UK going forward: Information Technology With computers and technology continuing to advance with blazing speed, it’s no […]