3 Super Outdoor Summer Jobs

If you enjoy being outdoors, one of these summer jobs might be perfect for you. Landscaping Working as a landscaper isn’t an easy job, but it usually pays well. As a landscaper, you would work with a company that has either commercial or residential clients, or both. You would travel to the job location in […]

How to Get Out From Under the Microscope: Handling a Micromanager

It’s uncomfortable to be micromanaged. But here’s why your manager might be doing it, and how you can get the behaviour to stop. The Reasoning Behind Micromanaging Many bosses who micromanage employees are afraid that they will be made to look bad. They may think that if they don’t exert 100% control over what you […]

How to Survive the Probationary Period

Impressing a new employer is no longer considered going the extra mile. It is necessary if you want to keep your job. Most employers have a 60 to 90-day probationary period during which they can terminate your position if you look at someone cross-eyed. That usually does not happen, but you can still lose your […]

How To Budget an Inconsistent Income

If during your time of unemployment you are streaming income from multiple sources, then you know how difficult it can be to budget that income. What makes this difficult is that you cannot plan for a certain amount of money, and, therefore, you feel you cannot plan at all. The truth is you can budget […]