How to Survive the Probationary Period

Impressing a new employer is no longer considered going the extra mile. It is necessary if you want to keep your job. Most employers have a 60 to 90-day probationary period during which they can terminate your position if you look at someone cross-eyed. That usually does not happen, but you can still lose your […]

How To Budget an Inconsistent Income

If during your time of unemployment you are streaming income from multiple sources, then you know how difficult it can be to budget that income. What makes this difficult is that you cannot plan for a certain amount of money, and, therefore, you feel you cannot plan at all. The truth is you can budget […]

Handling Your Annual Review with Aplomb

Every year, the bosses or managers at most workplaces give their employees a review. This is intended to critique the employee’s performance over the last year, noting where they’ve succeeded and where they can improve for the coming year. However, it can be easy to overthink your review and let your nerves get the best […]

Proper Networking Etiquette

Networking consultants will always remind you that there is a proper way to conduct networking and a wrong way. Networking should be done in such a way that everyone benefits from the connection. But what are some of the networking etiquette guidelines? How can you make sure you are following them? 1. Do Your Homework […]