The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make After Losing Your Job

Losing your job is a devastating experience that can throw even the most level-headed person into disarray. But don’t make these three mistakes or your situation could get even worse. 1. Badmouth Your Boss Your boss was a real eejit, we all know that. But if you tell all your old coworkers and friends just […]

Green Job Prospects that are Expected to be in High Demand

Green jobs are jobs that in some way benefit the environment and there are plenty of job options of this nature to choose from. Following are some green careers that are expected to be in high demand in coming years. Sustainable Energy It is clear that sustainable energy is gaining in popularity in the U.K. Jobs […]

6 Questions You Should Be Asking Potential Employers

While job interviews are traditionally about the employer asking a potential employee a series of key questions, applicants should be discerning. If you’re asked for an interview, don’t forget to ask some key questions of your own. Here are six questions applicants should be asking their potential employers: 1. Do You Believe in the Brand? […]

5 Tips for Landing a Job in HR (Human Resources)

The modern human resources (HR) department has come a long way from the strictly administrative, "paper pushing" type of entity that it used to be. Today, HR departments are far more strategic and integrated. Consider these five tips for landing a job in today’s ever-changing HR environment: 1. Be Flexible. HR departments are changing and […]