Low-Overhead Opportunities for Entreprenuers

Entrepreneurs are fearless individuals who have the courage to start their own businesses and separate themselves from the corporate environment. An entrepreneur can earn a healthy income if that person finds a niche or expertise that is in high demand. Overhead is the total expense that a person submits to run his or her business. A […]

How Your Attitude Can Affect Your Employment Outcome

In a recent study conducted at the University of Missouri-Columbia in the U.S., researchers discovered a strong connection between job seekers who had a learning attitude and their success at finding employment. It turns out there is now scientific evidence that your attitude can affect your employment outcome. As a job seeker, you already know […]

The Benefits of a Temp Job

When you cannot land a permanent position, taking temp job may be a good option. For those seeking a career switch, it lets one try on different hats and work in various types of businesses. Temp work is an opportunity to know if your new career is everything you’ve dreamed of. Even if you aren’t […]

Can Staying in Shape Boost Your Job Productivity?

You are probably well aware that staying in shape is vital to living a happy life.  Did you know that it can actually boost your productivity levels at work too?  That's right.  The better you feel, the more work you'll get done.  This can lead to promotions, higher salaries and many other benefits.  Here's a […]