4 Best Jobs for People Who Are Good With Numbers

Do you have a head for numbers? When presented with a new mathematical theory, do you just get it? Do you get a little happy feeling when you’re able to accurately balance your checking account? There are lots of jobs having to do with numbers that may be perfect for you!

1. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper helps businesses balance out their financial books. As a bookkeeper, you would be keeping track of income and expenses using software such as Quickbooks or Peachtree. You may also be managing employee timesheets and paychecks. Bookkeepers are always in demand, since many new businesses are being formed every day.

2. Accountant

To become and accountant, you would need formal education beyond your Leaving Cert. Accountancy is more complicated than bookkeeping, because it has to do with taxes, corporate matters and complex financial transactions. Once you become an accountant, though, you would work in a formal business environment, with many opportunities to advance in your career.

3. Small Business Owner

If you’re good with numbers and you have the capital money to start up, you could consider starting your own business. Many first time business owners can’t keep track of their profit and loss, but you could. Along with a partner who keeps track of the customer service end of things, you could become a successful business person.

4. Bank Teller

Bank tellers need to have an intelligent understanding of numbers. In this role, you would be handling hundreds of varied customer transactions each day. Accuracy and precision are required with every transaction. That’s why, if you’re good with numbers, becoming a bank teller is a great way to get into the banking industry, with lots of opportunity for career advancement. Over time, you can work your way up to being a loan officer or bank executive.

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