Five Warning Signs Your Company is Planning Mass Layoffs

Being laid off is never a pleasant experience; however, it is one that you can see coming if you know the warning signs. Following are five particularly important signs you’ll want to look out for if you suspect your job may be made redundant in the near future.

Management is Talking about a “New Vision”

When management starts using words such as synergy, restructuring, future visioning and organisational transformation, it is a clear sign that layoffs are on the way.


Mass layoffs almost always follow a merger as companies streamline departments and then lay off those who are no longer needed.

Requests for Information

Management typically asks for information when mass layoffs are planned. This information may include a write-up of your daily responsibilities and those of your team members as well as a procedures manual and a list of current passwords.

Increased Security

Many employees are naturally angry after being unexpectedly laid off, so it is not uncommon for a company to hire increased security if mass layoffs are on the horizon.

Lack of Access to Important Information

A person who is about to be made redundant will frequently find that he or she is no longer invited to pertinent company meetings. Additionally, such an individual may no longer be granted access to certain company accounts.

If you suspect your company going through rough times, be on the lookout for signs that layoffs are on the way. However, don’t be discouraged if you notice tell-tale signs that your position may be outsourced, eliminated or given to someone else. Begin updating your CV, network with others who can offer a job recommendation and then continue doing your current job as best you can. A positive attitude combined with positive action can enable you to make a successful transition from your current job into a new one.

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