Great Jobs for Anyone with the Travel Bug

If you enjoy traveling on a regular basis, consider the following career opportunities. They allow you to not only get to know the world but also earn a good salary while you do.

Travel Representative

Travel representatives are tasked with making sure their clients have a great holiday experience. They typically meet their guests at the airport, take them to their hotel, give sightseeing advice and/or tours and provide recommendations for a great place to eat, drink and shop and more. This job can be busy and you will need good communication skills to work with people of all ages and walks of life; however, there are also many great benefits. The typical starting salary is £12,000 a year and travel representatives also get free accommodation, insurance and in some cases commissions for providing extra assistance.

English Teacher

There is a worldwide demand for good English teachers. Contracts are typically short, which means you can literally travel the world as you teach English in Asia, South America, Europe and/or Africa. Salaries vary depending on where you work and what company you work for; however, it is possible to earn up to £2,000 a month in this line of work.

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants work hard but also earn great benefits. Delta, for instance, offers profit sharing, holiday pay, and various other incentives. British Airways puts up its flight attendants in nice hotels, offers a reasonable amount of time off and ensures flight attendants are given both long and short haul flights for variety. 

Don’t feel obligated to settle for a desk job if you have the travel bug. Check out these and other jobs that offer travel opportunities and see which career path offers you the chance to fulfill your dreams while earning a good salary.

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