How to Avoid Redundancy

It can be far easier to avoid redundancy than it would be to look for another job. Following are some tried and proven ways to become an invaluable employee that any manager or executive would be hesitant to make redundant.

Take Initiative

Taking initiative may involve coming up with a solution to a company problem, suggesting a way to improve productivity in your department, greeting a visitor when the receptionist is not available or cleaning up a mess if there is no one else around to take care of it in a timely manner. Bosses know that education and experience alone does not make a valuable employee and they are sure to keep someone who is willing to see a need and fill it without being asked to do so.

Stay Positive

While it is important to voice serious concerns to your supervisor, avoid being the person who is continually complaining about work, colleagues, the weather, customers or anything else. No one wants to be around a negative worker who drags down office morale. On the flip side, being a positive worker who encourages others is sure to help you keep your job as others are being made redundant.

Take Responsibility

If you make a mistake, confess what you did wrong and fix the damage. Don’t point fingers and try to blame everyone else. While companies are unlikely to retain an employee who continually messes up, the ones that are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions are often some of the first to become redundant.

There is no guarantee that even a good worker will never become redundant. However, it is a fact that responsible, honest and positive workers with a good work ethic are less likely to lose their jobs than those who slack off, blame others for mistakes and continually barrage others with their negative feelings and accusations.

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