How To Budget an Inconsistent Income

If during your time of unemployment you are streaming income from multiple sources, then you know how difficult it can be to budget that income. What makes this difficult is that you cannot plan for a certain amount of money, and, therefore, you feel you cannot plan at all. The truth is you can budget with an inconsistent income, but it does take some creativity and careful planning.

Play Poor

Playing poor means that if it has proven necessary to cut back expenses then you continue to keep those expenses cut back even on months when it seems like you have excess income. Take that excess income and put it back for the months in which income is less than planned for. This will help to even out the amount you have each month so that you do not experience extreme highs and lows.

Priorities First

Even if it appears that you have enough money to splurge on something, remember that priorities come first. With an inconsistent income, you cannot always rely on the “catching it up later” mentality. If you have a money obligation then you must take care of it as soon as you have the money. Save splurges for after everything else has been taken care of.

Change Your Perspective

If you are living on a tight budget with an inconsistent income it can be very easy to start to feel sorry for yourself. If you begin thinking that you are really poverty stricken, take some time to compare your lifestyle and income to the lifestyle and income of individuals’ around the world who are truly poverty stricken. In most developed countries even the poor people are much better off than those in third world and undeveloped countries. It is all a matter of perspective.

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