The Top UK Job Sectors Set to Experience Pay Increases in 2017

While fulfillment and genuinely enjoying your job should be major factors in your career choice, it’s understandable that many people are looking for jobs with rising pay rates. That’s just what you’ll find in these sectors in the UK going forward:

Information Technology

With computers and technology continuing to advance with blazing speed, it’s no wonder jobs in these fields are rising in demand. With this need for talented personnel comes an excellent pay rate, which is expected to rise in 2017. Database engineers will be among the best paid in this sector.


Both new and existing businesses require skilled personnel to raise brand awareness while promoting their products and services. If you have a flair for public relations and creating catchy campaigns, a career in marketing is set to be more lucrative next year.


In order to succeed and make their visions a reality, marketing departments will require the help of talented graphic designers. The ability to bring a concept to fruition via computer software will be indispensable for marketing materials used both online and off. Video game designers will also see a spike in demand for their services as well as their pay.

Account Executive

Sales, marketing and large business clients are overseen by account executives. They manage the flow of orders and help to ensure that customer needs are met. The very best in this field can expect to enjoy salary increases in 2017 and beyond.

Employment Recruiting

With the marketplace becoming more robust and competitive, finding and hiring the top talent in 2017 will be a top priority. Because of this, the recruiting field will pay better than it has in recent years.

With the economy improving, certain sectors are set to see pay increases going forward. If any of these areas call to you, you could reap a significant financial reward.

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