Using Social Media for More Job Search Mileage

Using social media as an integral part of your job search strategy allows you to get a much larger return on your investment of time, energy, and effort. There are three social media giants that can provide your job search with a real boost if you work them right. Here’s what you need to do to get more mileage from your job search with social media.


Not only do you need to clean up your profile and your feed, but you also need to be a little more proactive in using Facebook to get the job you want. First, begin with your profile. Clean it up and make sure it features your professional experience, specialized training, and education.

Second, clean up your feed so that you look like someone people want to work with or have on their team. Remember, your Facebook feed can sometimes serve as the initial interview.

Finally, take advantage of Facebook’s job search feature. Visit the page for companies you’d like to work for and look for “jobs” available at that organization. Many allow you to apply directly on Facebook from your home computer, laptop, or smartphone.


LinkedIn can be legion when it comes to your job search. Use it wisely. Join groups and participate in discussions. Create articles that advance your career goals and present you as an expert. Finally, make connections with leaders in your industry and look for opportunities to network.


Twitter can be a highly useful tool for your job search. Let people know you’re looking for work and then use your own account to present yourself as a leader in your industry. Share thought-provoking articles and comment, network with other industry leaders, make connections, and make an impression. Eliminate the riff-raff and go for a professional tone in comments, commentary, and photographs.

Little steps on social media can lead to huge results in your job search. Use it wisely for better results.

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