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How to Get a Job in the Blockchain Industry

Job Reactor 15 Jan, 2018

The blockchain industry offers a variety of job options for those with the right skills. Following are some tips for those who want to successfully pursue a career in this field.

Knowing Where to Look

A large number of industries are looking for people who have the skills and qualifications needed to work with blockchain technology. These include not only blockchain start-ups but also large tech firms such as Microsoft and IBM, international banks and credit companies, professional service firms and even government agencies.

Required Skills

Studying how blockchain works is important if you want a job in the blockchain industry. However, it is not the only skill or educational qualification you need. A background in computer science and/or engineering is imperative if you want to land a good blockchain-related job. Companies are also looking for people who specialise in networking, security and/or are familiar with tools such as Docker.

Taking IT courses at a university is a good start if you want to work in the blockchain industry. Supplement these courses with specific blockchain courses that will enable you to take on the type of job you are looking for in this field. There are not many such courses to pick from as blockchain technology is still relatively new but there are a number of good options at your disposal.

Blockchain is a fascinating field that can offer great job opportunities. Cryptocurrencies are one important facet of this technology and the one that tends to make the most news; however, there is a lot more to the technology than investing in Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and other, similar currencies. Consider the skills you will need if you want to enter this field so you can gain the degree and/or experience needed to find work in the industry.