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Is This The Time to Go Back to School?

Job Reactor 20 Mar, 2018

Although a job search is usually a time riddled with worry and frustration, many people are now taking their time of unemployment as a great opportunity to continue their education. The job market is constantly changing and the job skills that employers are looking for are also constantly evolving.

Continuing your education during a job search may be a perfect solution to help you land the next great job. Here are a few things to think about if you are considering furthering your education during a job search.

Can You Handle Both?

Some people are wired to have many irons in the fire, in fact they best thrive that way. However, there are others who do not. If you get overwhelmed easily when you must multi-task, or you get depressed when you are under the burden of multiple responsibilities, you should think carefully about trying to juggle both a job search and continuing education. You do not need to give up your dreams of both, but you may want to consider if the timing is the best.

Do You Have Support?

Having a reliable support system is often crucial to succeeding at both a job hunt and continuing education. Evaluate whether or not you have those individuals in your life who will support your dream.

Do You Have a Definite Goal in Mind?

Continuing your education is a vague term. It is important that you pinpoint exactly how you will further your education, in what field, and how that is tangibly going to help you along your career path. Simply taking random classes with no goal in mind is not going to help you get a better job, nor will it really help you further your education if you do not know how you are going to practically use what you are learning.

Going back to school during a job search is a big commitment, but it is a big commitment that can have a big payoff in the end.