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The Top 6 Most Fulfilling Jobs

Job Reactor 17 July, 2018

While tastes and preferences are subjective, especially when it comes to what you do for a living, there are certain vocations that consistently rate high in terms of job satisfaction. Research has shown the following six jobs rate consistently highest and most fulfilling...


The highest level of job satisfaction is found in religious and spiritual roles. The opportunity to assist others and stay connected with higher energies are likely reasons for this.

Chief Executive Officers and Senior Officials

The heads of companies also report high levels of job satisfaction, coming in at number two on our list. This is likely because those in these roles are there because they choose to be and are passionate about the company. They are also in a position to positively impact many lives.

Managers/Owners of Agricultural Enterprises

Working in the agricultural and horticultural arenas is also highly satisfying, especially to those in management. Working in nature is known to be energising, and entrepreneurs in these areas likely enjoy the positive feedback from their employees and clients.

Support Staff and Office Personnel

Perhaps surprisingly, the role of secretary is also associated with a high job satisfaction level. This indicates that any job, regardless of pay, has the potential to be enjoyable.

Regulatory and Quality Assurance Professionals

This one is also somewhat surprising; however, the opportunity to ensure a product will be safe and beneficial to end users likely brings satisfaction to this role.

Health Care Management

The health care field in general often reports a high level of fulfillment, but the area of management scores particularly high.

“Right livelihood” is different for everybody, but there are some consistent patterns. If you’re looking for a job you’ll genuinely love, consider these six areas.