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Three Great Jobs for People With General Business Degrees

Job Reactor 24 August, 2018

A general business degree is an amazing degree to have in your possession because it's versatile. You can qualify for quite a few jobs if you have this degree. These are three possibilities...

Retail Manager

Businesses always need retail managers. You could use your general business degree to get hired for this job if you like the fast-paced chaos of retail. Your degree and your work experience may put you ahead of the pile of other applicants. Retail managers earn about ₤26,000 a year, but you can advance quickly to general manager and then a regional manager, who makes much more than the retail store level manager makes.

Human Resources Officer

A human resources officer is responsible for many things such as on-boarding, benefits processing, and some hiring duties. Your general business courses will teach you about some of those duties. You can learn more on the job or through continued education in the field. Your earnings will be about £35,000 a year.

Management Consultant

A management consultant is a person who helps businesses to develop strategies that maximize their potential. You can be an independent management consultant, or you can work for a firm. It depends on which structure you desire. Your degree will give you the flexibility to work either way. Your salary will vary depending on whether you work for yourself or a company. The average salary is over £50,000 a year.

Those are only a few from the long list of jobs you can land with a business degree. If you already have a general business degree, you can start taking full advantage of all of its benefits right now. If you don't have one, you can sign up for classes soon. Educational institutions offer flexible learning programs that can help you get the edge that you need to get a fruitful job.