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Answering Why You Resigned From an Unhealthy Job

Job Reactor 18 October, 2021

One day, you may meet an interviewer who goes through your CV thoroughly and wants to know why you departed from your last job. This person may notice that you resigned from your previous location, and you may have stated on the application that you left for "personal reasons." You might not know what to say if you resigned due to an unhealthy workplace.

These are some ideas you can use to answer those questions successfully:

Say Something Positive About the Company

It's always a good idea to speak about a former employer in a positive light, even if your experience was unfavourable. You don't have to be dishonest about your experience there. Instead, you can mention a positive attribute about the company first. For example, you could mention how grateful you are for the opportunity to work there or how skilled your manager was in developing you as a worker.

Never Talk Negatively About the Workplace

Never involve yourself in badmouthing a previous employer or getting involved in gossip. Your prospective employer will view it as possible that you may do the same to them if you're unhappy with your job there. For that reason, you should always use language that protects the company and yourself.

Use Flowery Terms to Describe Your Departure

Try to use terms that describe an amicable but necessary departure. For example, you could say that you resigned because of a "difference in cultural beliefs" instead of saying that you left because you experienced bullying, a hostile environment, or something of that nature. That will let the prospective employer know that you didn't appreciate the work culture without speaking negatively about the employer.

Use the ideas mentioned above to get through your difficult interview questions smoothly. Your interviewer may appreciate your humble approach to answering the question.