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Best Career Choices for Extroverts

Job Reactor 21 July, 2020

Extroverted personalities thrive in social situations. The extroverted personality is better suited for many types of employment opportunities. Extroverted people tend to struggle with focus as many things and people excite them, which can make it difficult to zone in on one career option. Keep reading to learn about three career paths that are great for extroverts. 


Sales require a certain level of confidence and interaction which not everyone can master. The extrovert often does well interacting with others and even persuading others. Sales can be a profitable and exciting career for the extrovert. Sales is often an easy career path to break into, with plenty of opportunity for advancement. 


Educators must interact with people all day. Not only must educators interact, but they must also bring a level of excitement to school that will encourage students to learn. If you are passionate about learning and love to share that with others, education could be a great fit for your extroverted personality. Educators have opportunities for advancement and pay increase by furthering their own education as well. 

Cosmetologist/Hair Dresser

If your extroverted personality comes coupled with an eye for style, why not use your skills in cosmetology/hairdressing or barbering? Individuals in this field need to have a great rapport with others to keep appointments lively and entertaining. Most clients love having a chat with their hairdresser or barber. Your skills with the scissors are important, but your skills for conversation are equally important in this exciting career path. Most certification programs for cosmetologists, hairdressers, and barbers can be completed relatively quickly, making this a very attractive profession for extroverts. 

Your extroverted personality is a huge asset to your career goals. Use this asset to your advantage on your career journey.