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Do You Suffer From Communication Challenges? Here's How to Fix It Today

Job Reactor 26 October, 2020

You've heard it before, "Communication is key." This is true in all aspects of our lives. Our relationships, education, and work depend on strong communication skills. Communication challenges can begin to have a negative effect on these aspects of your life. If you suffer from communication challenges, here are a few steps on how to fix it today.

Reacting Instead of Responding

This is a very common communication challenge that can really derail problem solving and productivity. It is important to remember that a reaction is emotional and a response is intellectual. In the workplace, it is very important to leave your emotions out of the issue. Regardless of what the issue is, your emotions will not be relevant. When you learn how to separate your emotions from the issue, then you will have the clarity to be able to form an intellectual response.

You can fix this problem today by using the following exercise. When you feel yourself begin to react, relax every muscle in your body. Let your mind go blank or a moment. Then consciously, internally step away from the issue. Allow yourself to put distance between the issue and your emotions. This gives you the space to allow your intelligence to step in and form a response.

Assuming You Were Understood

This is a huge communication challenge which is often at the root of many workplace issues. Often information is shared, and the giver of that information assumes they were understood by the receiver. Assuming that someone understood your information can lead to big misunderstandings, wasted time, and even bad feelings. It is always best to develop a system of double-checking to make sure people have got your message. Sometimes it may involve asking the individual questions to repeat the information back to you. Sometimes it requires following up with them and also restating the information. Develop a system that will ensure that you are always heard and understood.

Communication challenges happen to everyone. Use these helpful tips to fix them today.