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Nurse Tech - Is It Right For You?

Job Reactor 21 March, 2021

Often when we think of jobs in the medical field we think primarily of doctors. The truth is though, there are many other occupations in the medical field besides this. Many of these other occupations require only short periods of education and training while providing a fulfilling, well-paying medical career. One such profession is Nursing Technician. Keep reading to learn more about this great medical position.

What Is a Nurse Tech?

A nurse tech is quite simply a nursing assistant. The nurse tech will provide support to the nursing team by performing certain repetitive tasks. By referring these tasks to nurse techs, the nursing team can focus their time on more pressing medical issues. Nurse techs will assist patients with their most basic care. This can include bathing, feeding, bowel and bladder elimination, monitoring their vitals and their conditions. Nurse techs will also assist with patient mobility and transportation within the facility. Often they will also monitor supply inventories.

Job Requirements

In most cases, a nurse tech will need at least an associate's degree in nursing. Most facilities prefer to offer nurse tech positions to those who are currently enrolled in a nursing program. Requirements can differ from one facility to another, so it is always a good idea to check the specific job requirements for a facility. One of the perks of being a nurse tech is that you can start your career as a tech and then later continue your education to become a registered nurse. In the UK a nurse tech can look to make about 25,000 a year.

If you are ready to start your career in the medical field but do not want to spend years in medical school, a nurse tech position may be the perfect fit for you.