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Prepare for a New Career During Quarantine

Job Reactor 21 May, 2020

Although many people are lamenting the lack of something to do during quarantine, you can use this time to take quality steps toward preparing for your new career. Now is the perfect time to focus on your career goals and evaluate what you need to do to make those goals a reality.

Here are 3 ways you can prepare for your new career during the quarantine. 

Get Training

Right now many companies and educational institutions are offering free or inexpensive online training in a vast assortment of subject areas. These online training options can help you polish up a skill you need to work on, or help get certification in an occupational field you've been preparing for. When the job market finally picks back up again, you will be glad that you have these new skills to offer to your employer. 

Work on Your CV

If you have procrastinated on updating your cv, now is a great time to get it in shape. Your cv is one of the most important employment documents you have. This is how most hiring managers make the first judgment about you. Because of the sheer volume of applications they receive on a weekly basis, it is necessary to have a screening tool they can use to effectively weed out those who are clearly unqualified. Your cv is your first impression. Give it the time and attention it deserves so that you can make the impression you want. 

Network Online

Just like many places are now offering online training opportunities, many places are offering online job fairs as well. The food and grocery industry, which has seen a sharp increase in staffing needs, is even getting in on the job fair action and hosting online hiring events where possible candidates can learn all about the open positions and immediately schedule online interviews. Do some research to find out which companies near you are holding such events and get involved. 

Quarantine is certainly fertile ground for boredom. Use these three tips to avoid boredom and hopefully build your career instead.