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The Best Jobs for Short Attention Spans

Job Reactor 27 Apr, 2017

Many people in the world have attention spans that are so short that they lose focus in less than 10 seconds. Such people still need to work. They can probably find a great deal of success in jobs that involve quick tasks that change quite a bit. The following are examples of such jobs.

Office Managers

Office managers have great jobs because they do not have many responsibilities. A person with a short attention span will enjoy switching from answering the telephones, to working on the computer, to dealing with customers of varying demeanors. Frequent change may affect other people differently.


Drivers of any kind can get the most out of their jobs if they have short attention spans. Versatility makes their job awesome. They get to drive to new destinations all the time. The scenery hardly looks the same, especially if they are long-distance truck drivers of some kind. Drivers have great pay, too. Hazmat drivers earn enough money and receive enough benefits to be quite stable and proud.

Event Coordinators

Event coordinators are highly busy people. They have to move around constantly so they can perfect every aspect of a function. This type of job is great for a person who wants to be on the move all the time. Event coordinators earn a healthy salary helping people with functions such as weddings, religious ceremonies, graduation parties, bachelor events, business meetings and so much more.

Jobs are available for every type of personality. Don’t fret if you are someone who has a short attention span. There is something for you today that you will greatly enjoy. Read the job descriptions, take personality and competency assessments, and then think about if a day in the life of that job would cause you stress or make you happy.