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The Proper Way To Quit a Job

Job Reactor 27 April, 2021

We see a lot of material concerning how to get a job, but there is not enough material out there on how to properly quit a job. If you are curious about how this works, and you are hoping to find the most professional way to quit a job, keep reading to learn more.

The Wrong Way

Let's first take a look at the wrong way to quit a job. Many people quit their jobs as a result of an emotional event. Many people quit their jobs in an emotional state. When you make any big decision when you are feeling very emotional, you run the risk of doing things wrong. Emotions are terrible guides for life choices. If you are feeling that you should quit, do not do it when your emotions are high. Give yourself the time necessary to calm down and look at the situation objectively without emotions.

Walking out of a job unexpectedly is also not advisable. This is very unprofessional and shows you are making your decisions based on your emotions rather than logical thought.

The Right Way

The right way to quit a job is to, first of all, give the decision the time and objective thought it deserves. Again this can't be done while you are emotional. If after you think through the situation objectively, you still feel that quitting is the best option, then you will need to put in a two-week notice. The two-week notice is a courtesy to your employer. You should do this even if the employer doesn't actually deserve the courtesy.

Your notice should be written out in business letter format. In this letter, you should outline exactly why you are leaving. This letter should be delivered in person where you will also give your reasons face to face.

If you are thinking of quitting a job, use these tips to make sure you do it properly.