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Top Tips for Scoring Endorsements on LinkedIn

Job Reactor 19 March, 2020

LinkedIn offers the ultimate opportunity to find job leads or get your name out to prospective employers. The professional platform also helps you build or maintain valuable connections, which you can later call on for assistance as you work to gain an edge in your job search.

When prospective employers browse your LinkedIn page, they examine not only your academic and professional background, but also, any feedback you've received from previous employers, mentors, coworkers, and other influential individuals. These insights can set you apart from job candidates with similar CVs or portfolios. Endorsements don't arrive by accident, however; they must be actively sought via the tactics outlined below:

Listing Skills

LinkedIn's endorsement system involves a series of skills that you can highlight on your page. If your contacts believe you possess such skills, they can endorse you with the simple press of a button. Without listed skills, however, you will not receive endorsements.

As you determine your skills, think carefully about the roles you've played at various jobs, as well as other unique talents you bring to the table. If you struggle to come up with ideas, look to LinkedIn for help. The skill section can provide tailored suggestions based on your CV. Otherwise, additional ideas will appear as you take advantage of the search box.

Endorse Your Contacts

Your contacts are far more likely to provide endorsements if you've already stepped up. Not every endorsement will automatically ensure that you receive one in return, but it certainly won't hurt. These should be genuine and only created if you truly believe that the person in question deserves to be endorsed. 

A little extra effort can make a world of difference for your LinkedIn page. Don't underestimate the power of endorsements to give you an edge as you strive to impress potential employers.